PAM federal assembly

PAM is one of the biggest trade unions in Finland. They arrange federal assembly in every four years. This time the three day meeting was held in the Helsinki Convention Centre in June 1.- 3. 2015.

Woltti Group was chosen to be the event organizer for the 2015 event. PAM had gone trough uplift of their looks and they wanted to present their new fresh looks trough out the event as their presence was going to be very strong in TV news and other media during the assembly.

To have an impressive background for the event Woltti Group decided to acquire a stage full (16,36 x 4,00 meter) curved screen from AV StumpfL. The screen arrived one week before the event and was reportedly first of its kind in Finland. Woltti Group also decided to upgrade their old Wings Vioso media server with two new Wings Engine Stages to be used first time in this event.

4592 x 1080 pixel image on the curved screen was projected by three Barco HD 18 projectors. Two Wings Engine Stages were ran in master mode and controlled by Akai APS mini -midi controller via AVIO network. This was done to have backup machine play in sync with the primary media server. Switching between the two sets of outputs was done with Aten 8x8 HDMI matrix. Woltti Group was impressed by performance of the new media servers. Several full size animations were played during the event by the media servers without the need of splitting animations in several smaller files.

Curved screen multi display soft edge blending was done by Vioso camera calibration in just about 20min including fine adjustment of the edges and sections.