Also after the 65th Season the Bregenz Festival is drawing a very successful year. The changeable weather of the summer this year did not detract from the crowds of visitors.

The multidisplay show at the opening ceremony was projected on two large fullwhite-projection screens with 8x2,25m and 10,6x3m. As our fullwhite screens have no visible frame, the projected image formally seems to float in space.
The content for the panoramic projection at the opening ceremony was created by Wings Platinum, and the Playback was made by an AV Stumpfl Media Engine Quad. The panorama was projected with two bright projectors and wireless frameless Softeedge overlap.

The project was realized by our local partner ton + bild medientechnik gmbh situated in Rankweil.

Realized by: Ton + Bild Medientechnik GmbH