Ocean Park Hong Kong


LCI Projects Ltd of London were commissioned by Utopia Entertainment to create the world’s first 360 degree video water screen show. Entitled “Symbio”, the show forms the centrepiece of the new Aqua City development at Ocean Park, Hong Kong, which opened in January 2011.

LCI developed the 360 degree video water screen concept specifically for the Symbio show and designed, supplied and installed the 360 degree “jet screen” – along with 5 x 15,000 lumen video projectors in custom waterproof enclosures, 12 x fountain jets, 8 x air powered water cannons, and 168 x underwater LED lights. In addition, moving lights and sound were installed by Raw Media, flame jets were installed by Sigma Services, flame on water effects were installed by Town Gas and pyrotechnics were installed by Glorious. LCI also installed the video playback and show control system, which controlled all of these individual effects during the show. At the heart of this system was software and hardware from AVStumpfl - Wings Platinum 4 running on a master and 5 x slave servers, Iseo 2 running across two touch screens, several SC-LAN relay boxes for controlling the effects, and numerous SC-LAN remote feedback boxes for monitoring signals sent back from the effects systems. Iseo also interfaced with a KNX building control system to monitor the windspeed, so that certain effects could be locked out when winds became dangerously strong. The “jet screen” itself, consists of a ring of 64 submersible pump, creating 192 individual water jets which can reach 10m in height. This vertical surface of water provides the canvas onto which the 5 projectors contained inside the ring blend together to create the seamless 360 degree video show.

As the pumps are also individually controllable, the 360 degree screen is able to change size and shape in harmony with the video content. Also, along with a pair of powerful underwater LEDs attached to each pump, the jet screen is able to create an impressive stand-alone musical fountain show.
Each day at Ocean Park begins with regular fountain shows, and climaxes with Symbio in an evening spectacular. The Symbio show is the story of two dragons Yin and Yang who at first fight to try and defeat the other, but they eventually make peace and then work together to create the world. LCI developed all of the CG animation for Symbio, and supplied the full on site creative team to deliver the show, directed by Utopia. Audiences for Symbio regularly exceed 5000 people.

Realized by: LCI