Musical Theatre Linz

On Saturday evening, the curtain fell for the first time in Europe’s most recent opera house, the Linz Musical Theater. The architecture is futuristic, just like the technology used inside. In order to ensure trouble-free staging of the contemporary productions, media servers by AV Stumpfl from Upper Austria are used.

The media server system Wings AV is responsible for supplying and controlling the corresponding image and video contents projected by a number of video projectors. The system has already been used successfully last Saturday for the first night of the musical „The witches of Eastwick“.

The backdrop for the performance was provided by the media server system Wings AV and Wings VIOSO, which supplied the content to three 20,000-lumen projectors by Panasonic. The video department of the musical theatre used the camera-based calibration system Wings VIOSO for adjusting rear and front projection in a fast and reliable way.

The „Wings AV“ system by AV Stumpfl has already won several international awards, thus encouraging an increasing number of people to decide on this system.