Music and Light Festival

Kuala Lumpur

LCI Productions Ltd of London, in partnership with Memories Event Management of Malaysia were appointed to Direct and Produce the “Kuala Lumpur International Music and Light Festival 2012” – in conjunction with the “Kuala Lumpur 2012 World Gas Conference”.

The main shows were based around a range of different effects all moving to a single soundtrack. These included fourteen Christie 20K HD projectors linked by fibre optic cables to fourteen AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum 4 Slave Servers, to provide video mapping of the main façades of the KLCC centre at the base of the Petronas towers. There were searchlights, moving lights, city colours, and lake lights, all at various positions around the site. The newly installed “Lake Symphony fountains” consisting of a broad curve and two full circles of vertical coloured jets, and various rotating and swaying coloured jets which spanned the lake from side to side. There were also 60m wide and 30m LED walls along the back of the lake, and four 15W RGB lasers. A large fireworks display was also primed to go off in time with the music to mark the finale of the show.

The AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum 4 Master Server played all the main audio for the show, and sent out timecode to all of the other effect control system to ensure perfect synchronicity to the music. In addition, the Video Mapping elements of the show were also included on the timeline to appear in time with the music.

LCI had a team of nine Animators, 3D modellers, Video Designers, and Producers all working on custom content for the video mapping aspect of the show, which even included actors filmed on a green screen, all produced on site in London.

Once in Malaysia, the production team from LCI worked through the night for 5 days in a row. They used their years of creative and event production experience to bring together a large group of technical operators from all over the world, working as one to create a coherent, integrated and breath-taking show.

The festival ran over 5 days from the 4th to the 8th of June, and was declared a great success by all who attended.

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