Multimedia Booth

In 2013 the US medical technology producer Medtronic has again relied on the expertise of QuattroVision for its multimedia presentations at fairs in Berlin, Barcelona and Liverpool. Holtmann was responsible for exhibition construction, the required display technology was provided by AVI-Studio in Hannover and the content was prepared by the Israeli agency Tamooz. The close cooperation of all parties involved in the project resulted in highly successful trade fair appearances by Medtronic.

The most interesting presentation was implemented on the Eurospine in Liverpool, where synced content was played on 16 displays by three Wings Engine Stage Quad units. On five displays identical content was run so that only one output was required whose signal was distributed to the displays by a splitter. The central presentation was played on a 3 x 2-m split wall while the other displays showed individual theme-specific information. The loops were either identical in length or double their length so that the same animation kept being displayed on all displays at regular intervals.

Realised by: Quattrovision |

Customer: Medtronic |