Who wouldn’t be over the moon being able to see thousands of sparkling stars in a clear night which would only be visible in their full glory far away from the city lights? Experience the depths of the universe, unveil some planetary secrets and discover some interesting facts without having to enter a spaceship! A visit to the mobile planetarium opens up the world of stars even without any previous knowledge. The existing astronomical knowledge forms the basis of a personalized introduction to astronomy.
The central playing device for the dome projection is a Wings Engine. For calibration purposes, the media server is connected to a high-resolution network camera with fisheye lens. Wings Vioso automatically aligns the projection and the overlap areas are adjusted to perfection. For the dome projection, Canon XEED WUX6000 projectors were chosen in order to achieve a brilliant image and the best-possible imaging performance at optimal color rendering. The 5x WUX6000 projectors are equipped with RS-IL05 wide zoom lens. They allows an effective resolution of about 3K x 3K in the 10-m dome.