MCCune Show

MCCune Show

In 2011 The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California asked McCune to help produce an awards gala for pioneers in technology that are helping to advance humanity. The gala caters to the who's-who of the bay area high tech movers and shakers. The museum wanted to create an immersive environment that draws the audience in to the experience by utilizing a minimalistic design that focuses on content rather than décor.

The content was designed and build on an AV Stumpfl WINGS Platinum media server as a collaborative project with our graphic designer and the museums creative director-including hundreds of high-resolution photographs from dozens of world-renowned photographers.

To create a bold impact on the audience while maintaining a minimalistic, clean design, McCune created a 15' tall by 155' wide borderless screen that was built with a subtle 20° concave curve that helped the screen hug the audience of 1400 distinguished guests (seated in rounds). The borderless screen was hung in free space without any drape or scenic elements- creating a bold floating image.

"McCune Audio / Visual / Lighting has received the award for the Best Overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event - Technology Budget $50,000-199,999 for its work on the Tech Awards Gala for the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Californie for an "immersive environment" focusing on the content, rather than the décor recognizing pioneers in technology. One judge noted: "The technology of the Tech Museum event packed a big, immersive experience into a small package. I loved the wall to wall video and especially the stage wrapped in displays. How did they get a seamless 155'- wide curved screen to look so good?"

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