Giants of the Ice Age

Museum installation

On June 3, 2011 Europe’s largest Ice Age exhibition opened in Garding near St. Peter-Ording.

URBAN VISION CONCEPT commissioned das modular and ATMO&SPHERE to carry out the technical implementation. Within the space of four weeks the gigantic project was planned and executed and the entire show contents produced. Several kilometres of cable were laid for the sound, light and video installation.

One absolute highlight is the five by eleven metre large 3D model of a glacier which is brought to life with accurately aligned video projections. The show reveals the end of the last Ice Age to the astounded spectators: from the impressive sunrise via lashing thunderstorms to the slow melting of the ice and the spreading of the first plants. The scenes were calculated using the new 3D mapping process via computer animation on a three-dimensional computer model and projected onto the surface of the model glacier on site.
The complete installation is automatically controlled using show control software and also ensures the synchronized running of a breathtaking show of video, light and sound once an hour.