The Enchanted Forest at Europa Park in Rust

3D cinema

Right in the middle of the magical idyllic setting of the detailed themed area “Grimm’s Enchanted Forest” at Europa Park, EMF Laserland installed a unique cinema with the help of Wings Platinum, Stumpfl’s Show Control technology and ISEO.

Previously 3D was not possible without special glasses. In this cinema it is reality for the very first time. By means of a specially developed technology - 3D HoloPort, EMF Laserland has managed to make the 3D impression appear perfect without wearing special glasses. The 120 m² room provides space for an audience of 40. One of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales in which the magic of the magical book transports the audience to another world, is told on a stage which is four metres wide, two metres high and six metres deep. Moreover the performance is in many ways a sensual experience. Animatronic figures as well as the use of scents are controlled centrally by Wings Platinum. The ingenious combination of dialogues in various languages in surround sound enables visitors who speak German, English or French to attend the same performance.