ESSENCE Music Festival

Multidisplayprojektion bei Janet Jackson

German experts take the responsibility for a unique projection onto the stage at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

New Orleans/Duesseldorf, July, 4th 2010 – Every year the Essence Music Festival attract tenthousands of black music fans to celebrate with stars like Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Janet Jackson. This year’s stage has been a spectacular art object and formidable challenge for the entire organization team as well as light and video artists. A combination of holoscreen, six LED screens and a huge demanding projection area needed a professional teamwork and perfect handling of every technician.

This year’s highlight: The stage was supposed to become a single display inclusive all different screens and projection canvas. Only with the help of Wings VIOSO it was possible to create a smooth edge blending and a distortion-free image of ten single projectors to let the projection became a part of the stage layout. During the three festival days a mixture of video effects, live streams and sponsor’s content were projected directly onto the wrapped stage construction. Almost a delayed start of the show was determined by the stage construction, since until the last minute construction details had to be changed and secured. “In this case only the flexible and efficient correction and adaption possibilities of Wings VIOSO made it possible to realize such a complex projection and show within this short time”, said VIOSO managing director and project supervisor Emanuel Züger

Wings VIOSO has been developed by the projection specialists of VIOSO GmbH. Projects like the Essence Music Festival established the VIOSO technology again as a high quality ‘made in Germany’ product and impress specialists and audiences around the world. The project has been a complete success and VIOSO defended its place as one of the top AV-technologies worldwide.


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