Monoblox Rear Projection using Canon short throw projector

The posh senior citizens residence Eilenriedestift in Hannover was provided with a presentation system for the large conference room by Quattro Vision. In order to make them recognizabel for the residents sitting in the back rows the presenters are filmed by a Panasonic camera and their image projected onto the rear projection screen by AV Stumpfl. The 16:10 Monoblox screen with a frame anodized in black and a size of 410x264 cm with textile covering blends unobtrusively into the stage background. The signals are transferred via a HDMI-CAT extender from the camera directly to the Canon XEED WUX400ST. This short throw projector only requires a distance of 2.1 m from the rear of the projection screen (with a projection ratio of 0.57:1) so that there is enough space for the people on stage. The projector is also sufficiently bright and allows sufficient scope for the illumination of stage and conference room.