Cyberspace Arena Moscow

AV Stumpfl projection screens and Epson projectors – a bright duet in Cyberspace

Four laser projectors and two large size AV Stumpfl projection screens were recently installed at the “Cyberspace” eSports arena  in Moscow. The 2000m²   eSports venue 'Cyberspace' was opened on the 1st of July in the Moscow Riviera shopping mall, combining the following elements:

• The main stage has two enormous projection screens and a spectator area for an audience of up to 500 visitors

• A VR-zone with games, simulators and a Player vs Player (PvP) Virtual Reality Arena

• Four VIP-rooms

• A video recording studio

• A merchandise shop with the latest gaming periphery products
and hardware from some of the world’s leading brands




'Fullwhite' screens immediately attract the audience’s attention with their highly attractive and «borderless» design. The surface material is attached to the back side of the frame with special hooks,  in order to create a perfectly smooth surface, without black borders.

Fullwhite projection screens are especially popular in installations where it’s necessary to create the effect of an invisible screen.

“When we received the request from Cyberspace, we understood such an unusual place needed a unique solution. Our Fullwhite screens in combination with Epson high-quality laser projectors ideally expressed our concept.,” said Ekaterina Pechkurova, Commercial Director at AV Stumpfl CIS.

The main stage and the two AV Stumpfl Fullwhite projection screens (8 x 4,5 and 7,2 x 4,5 m.) are illuminated by four Epson projectors that use a laser light source - Epson EB-L1505U and the wide-angle version of ELPLW05.

The Epson EB-L1505U is an installation model with a brightness of 12,000 lumen and WUXGA resolution. 

Due to the fact that modern audiences and especially video gamers are always very demanding when it comes to image quality, it was decided to use stacked projectors, two units for one screen (pictures overlap each other, resulting in a 24,000 lumen brightness ) fitted with transmitters HDBaseT transmitters used for high definition signal transfer.

The particular laser projector models were specifically chosen for this setup. 

The super-reliable laser and non-organic materials in their optic systems enable Epson to offer an official 5 years guarantee or 20,000 hours operational lifetime for each laser projector. 

The Epson 3LCD three-matrix projection technology provides high quality colour rendition and wide colour ‘coverage’.

By equipping the Cyberspace arena with such cutting edge projection solutions, it has become a highly popular place, where classical and virtual reality flow into each other harmoniously.

The project’s Technical Director was more than satisfied with the incredibly high level of the project implementation. "We wanted to create a unique platform with the latest high-end technological solutions and it worked even better than we expected.”

"The leading vendors of the gaming industry provide their solutions for ‘cybersporstmen’ at Cyberspace. Besides the standard options of a gaming area, Cyberspace is also a unique place for presentations, lectures and concerts, which, of course, are very hard to imagine without a big screen. And we have two of them. Two projection screens with radiant images that amaze our guests.” 

“We are thankful to our partners – Epson and AV Stumpfl for such an effective co-operation.”

Digisky was responsible for the general project installation.