That was the slogan of the co-production between the music school Reutte-Ausserfern and the camera club Reutte-Breitenwang. The members of the camera club Reutte-Breitenwang were out and about for twelve months taking extraordinary photos of our wonderful nature, magnificent landscape and of people from Ausserfern in Tyrol.

Images and sound were joined in a major project. The orchestral music, performed live, combined with impressive pictures and photo impressions from the district of Reutte delighted the viewers in front of the unique backdrop of the Ehrenberg Arena in Reutte. The show was created using Wings Platinum in 4K quality and rendered using softedge panoramas.  The show was projected using two Panasonic PT-DZ13 high-performance projectors, each projecting with 12,000 ANSI lumen onto a Vario projection screen which was 18m x 6.25m in size.

The result was a multi-media show of a quality unique to Tyrol and only rarely seen in Austria. It was accompanied by the symphony orchestra and brass band of the music school Reutte-Ausserfern, who were conducted by Tobias Lämmle and performed various works. A successful event, both performances of which were sold out and delighted the audience.

Customer: Kameraclub Reutte Breitenwang