Camp Barneo

Arctic mission for AV Stumpfl Screen

For 10 years, Ice Camp Barneo has been set up anew every year in April on the drift ice near the North Pole. On the occasion of this anniversary, Alexander Orlov, President of Polus in Moskow asked the Swiss PolarNEWS film team to document and film the 4-week setting up activities. The team consisting of Heiner Kubny, Werner Breiter, Simon Usteri, Rosmaria used the time to take impressive images of this logistic masterpiece that was necessary to set up the camp in the eternal ice. The required material was supplied by helicopters and parachute jumpers and included fuel, construction material and two construction machines among other things. The very special location for this shooting will certainly remain unforgotten by the team of PolarNEWS. The tandem skydive from a height of 3500 m at a temperature of -56°C and a speed of 330 km/h was a particular highlight for Heiner Kubny.

It took PolarNEWs nearly a year in order to turn all these impressions and images into a fascinating and exciting documentation but it has certainly become one of the most impressive and beautiful documentations on this topic.

To celebrate this occasion in style, Heiner Kubny decided to return to the place where the pictures were taken and present his documentation „North Pole Ice Camp Barneo“ in Camp Barneo  on April 7, 2012.

For the special premiere, a screen had to be found that was both able to withstand the extreme Arctic conditions and easy to transport. Heiner Kubny decided to use a Vario Screen by AV Stumpfl. The northernmost film premiere in the world in the northernmost cinema on earth was an outstanding success.