Boy Scout

Museum installation

US Competence Partner Zanim8tion headed by Kevin A Zevchik has just finished installing Wings Platinum 4 VIOSO in the Scouting Museum of the Boy Scouts of America World Headquarters in Irving, Texas.

The 'Orientation Theater' is a 3:1 widescreen presentation featuring automated lights, and Animatronic of Lord Baden Powell, and an automatically calibrated Multidisplay show using Wings VIOSO. When guests visit the theater they are presented with a button to start the presentation, in a few short moments, the lights in the theater dim down and raise up on a Lord Baden Powell (the founder of the Boy Scouts) animatronic sitting on a stump. As he introduces himself the video presentation opens up behind him in a spectacular widescreen performance on a 40' screen. As the movie progresses the animatronic lighting is dimmed down to showcase a picturesque video film that was accomplished by the Boy Scouts own in house production house displaying beautiful cinematography including aerial shots of the some of the nations most beautiful landscapes and even underwater seascapes.

The system is completely autonomous from the initiation of the presentation to the calibration, color correction, warping, and blending of the 3 projector screen display. With a single push of a button, the museum staff can realign the warp, blend, and even color of the system after a lamp replacement or other facility maintenance. This has been a problem for the museum in the past, keeping the seamless presentation, truly "seamless" meant bringing in a professional to re-calibrate at sometimes a large expense.