Unique design. Modular concept. Engineered and manufactured in Austria.

The Fullwhite® frame concept is a modular system to make the screen easily resizable. The size of the basic frame is extended with plug in elements of different size to scale the frame to the exact dimension required.

Basic Profile

Unique shape. Unique result.

The uniquely shaped Fullwhite® basic profile is made of high precision extruded aluminum. Our manufacturing procedure ensures highest possible precision and least tolerances.

  • Modular multi-element frame made of special extruded and hardened aluminum alloy
  • Special shape profile cross section with 45 degree edge
  • Most popular design for architectural projection installation and flying projection screens
  • Manufactured in various formats in custom sizes

Clamp Connection

The robust connection between Fullwhite® parts.

Especially for our FullWhite® projection screens which are designed for extra-large formats we have developed the clamp connector. Due to the expanding connection module the projection screen elements are tied together free of any clearance. This results in the lowest possible frame deflection even at large screen dimensions but still keeping the lowest system weight. In order to meet international safety requirements during flying applications the clamp connection must be locked with the integrated safety screw.

Variable in Size

Scale your screen to meet your changing requirements.

Since Fullwhite® is a modular projection screen system the basic frame can be extended with additional plug in elements to change the projection screen’s dimensions and/or aspect ratio and to use the same basic frame with a variety of different surface sizes.