AV Stumpfl redefines with VarioClip® the standards of the global rental & staging industry. (Once again.)


Everybody in the rental & staging industry who has ever set up mobile projection screens knows the challenge of too tight projection screen surfaces in cold winter operations or too loose surfaces in hot and wet environments. We have addressed these and other limitations of today’s mobile projection screens and launched an entirely new mobile projection screen system named VarioClip®.

The question that might come up here is: Why did nobody else yet think about this? The problem with existing projection screen systems was always the fixed press snap or stud pattern. Of course it would have been possible to adjust the frame size but it would have been virtually impossible to change the press snap or stud pattern.

We have found a smart solution by removing all press snaps and studs from the aluminum profile of the frame and replacing it by a different attachment solution: On a VarioClip® screen the surface is attached to the frame with sophisticated tiny hooks that clip onto a hidden channel inside the frame. Sounds simple and is simple. As a spin-off feature surface attachment and release is way faster and hassle-free. The patented technology has been intensively tested to make sure it meets the high requirements of the daily rental business.

As this would not be enough yet we have developed a new clamp connection for the frame parts which is available as an option. Clamp connections connect the frame parts at the highest possible precision and free of any clearance. This results in the lowest possible frame deflection even at large screen dimensions but still keeping the lowest system weight among VarioClip®’s closest competitors.

VarioClip® can be made to measure, features AV Stumpfl’s True Aspect Ratio TAR™, can be equipped with VarioLock™, is available with a variety of different surfaces, meets the international standards in fire protection classification, can be flown or put on legs and of course features all the appreciated advantages of the regular mobile projection screen system Vario.
Like any other AV Stumpfl mobile projection screen VarioClip® is manufactured in Austria, Europe and is supported by a 5 year warranty. “Our products simply last for too long” what Tobias Stumpfl, Commercial Director at AV Stumpfl says as a joke means in fact the lowest total cost of ownership for the owner since the product features an unequaled lifetime and virtually no maintenance costs. This is simply one of the key arguments why the leading AV equipment rental companies all around the globe trust in AV Stumpfl products.

Some people say that a projection screen is something which is necessary but not the most appealing part of the show. “VarioClip® is a product everybody who ever tested it loves” summarizes Reinhold Stumpfl, Founder and engineering Mastermind at AV Stumpfl. In fact VarioClip® is based on AV Stumpfl’s existing mobile projection screen line up which has been constantly further developed for more than 40 years. “This expertise in combination with feedback from users in countries all around the world has led us to develop VarioClip®”, Stumpfl adds.

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