Check the details

Check the standard scope of delivery and what makes a Curve projection screen so unique. We do have a number of files available for download such as brochures, drawings, texts for tender projects and pictures.


Technical Details

  • bending radius on custom request, min. 300 cm
  • height up to 400 cm
  • mounting solutions with legs or suspension points for flying installation
  • surface with special designed hooks for easy mounting
  • several front projection materials available
  • 64x32mm plug-in frame system with pin-connections.


  • Custom-made product
  • The appropriate radius of our CURVE is determined by several factors.
  • Please contact us for your individual offer.

Example sizes

Overall size cm Picture sizecm Radius Legs
1100x260 1080x240 420 cm 4 pieces
600x180 580x160 680 cm no legs
820x270 800x250 300 cm no legs