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AV Stumpfl Projection Screens feature an unequaled design and manufacturing precision, lowest operating economics and best picture quality. Improve your way of projecting.

What is a Projection Screen?

The display solution featuring ease of use and highest picture quality.

Projection Screens reflect the projected image from a projector and make it visible. There is a variety of different types of projection screens available depending on the application and its requirements. Projection Screens feature higher picture quality, easier handling, less investment and operating costs as compared to fixed display solutions. Please see below to get an idea of where projection screens can be used and to learn more about our product line up.


Where our projection screens go. Just a few examples.

We have categorized our projection screen product line up in four classes. Please see the table below to determine which technology suits your requirements or check the class descriptions to get inspired. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects to discuss!

  Mobile Roll Up Fixed Frame Custom
Corporate Events: Product Presentations, Customer Events x     x
Live Concerts and Shows x     x
Trade Shows x     x
Hotels x x x x
Theaters     x x
Education & Training Courses x x x x
Corporate Buildings x x x x
HDAV Presentations x     x
Mobile Cinema x     x
Themed Attractions & Parks     x x
Simulation and Training x   x x
Museums     x x
Home Theaters   x x x
Public & Government Buildings x x x x

Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. Lowest total cost of ownership. Best service and support.

 Since AV Stumpfl is a family owned and operated business we act with a long term strategy. AV Stumpfl projection screens have to meet strict requirements which we defined based on our 40 years of field experience. Beyond our technical expertise and our special source materials we have also developed our own machinery for metal component and vinyl processing since no machine available on the market met our operating requirements.

Mobile Projection Screens

Small Packing Dimensions. Lightweight. Quick Set Up and Breakdown. Long Lifetime. Mobile.

Have you thought about a display solution which is portable and can be set up by a single person? A Mobile Projection Screen is exactly what you are looking for. In combination with nowadays projector technologies these products are used to create large scale but bright and crisp pictures within shortest time and can be used virtually as often as needed without any maintenance work.

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Roll Up Projection Screens

The display solution that shows when needed and hides when not.

Most people nowadays are familiar with roll up projection screens since these display solutions are installed in quite a few places: What we call a roll up screen is a projection screen which is permanently installed but the projection surface can automatically hide in a case when it is not needed. Roll Up projection screens are usually mounted on or within the ceiling construction or on the wall and there are three main drives available: Electric motors, crank drives or spring roller drive.

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Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime.

Fixed frame projection screens have similar roots like mobile projection screens from a technological perspective: High precision extruded aluminum frames create the basic structure which holds the projection surface. Fixed frame projection screens are optimized for optical appearance and quick and safe permanent installation and depending on the application the client may choose between a variety of different surface materials.

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Custom Projection Screens

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere.

Are you looking for a projection screen that has to meet some odd requirements? Do you want a screen which has enormous dimensions, a curved shape, an extra wide border (or no border) and special mounting options? This is what we call a custom design projection screen and this is what we do every day. During the past 40 years of projection screen manufacturing we gathered quite a lot of experience in terms of what is technically possible and what should be done in a different way.

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