New Show Vinnista

Multimedia fountain

VINNYTSA, Ukraine: The largest floating multimedia fountain has emerged after spending the winter 2m under the ice. EMF has launched the season with two new spectacular multimedia shows, setting a new record with over 100,000 visitors at the opening show.

Since the show started in September 2011, Vinnytsa’s citizens have been able to marvel daily at the extraordinary effects created at Pivdenny Buh Quay on a branch of the Bug River. The fascinating fountain shows have attracted over 20,000 visitors to the city every week. Since mid-November, the almost 100m long and 7m wide fountain system had rested 2m under the ice on the river bed, waiting to emerge from an ice-free river in mid-April 2012.

EMF has produced two new 30-minute multimedia shows for the new season. Every evening and at weekends these thrilling spectacles delight national and international visitors to the city. The intention is to put on shows for young and old alike that can be understood without language and evoke emotions among the spectators.

Colourful fountains shoot up to 70 metres into the sky. A water screen 60 metres wide and 18 metres high serves as a projection surface for the stories composed and produced by EMF.

Besides the projection that appears to be 3D all of the fountains have been programmed in Wings Platinum on a MediaEngine. The laser effects have also been synchronized via timecode to be controlled exactly. ISEO 2, a software created by AV Stumpfl as well, was used as a central control unit to manage the different shows.

The dramatic contents are underscored and highlighted by gigantic and colourful fountains, 3D laser effects, some of which can be seen for miles beyond the city, and spectacular music.

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