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If you are not familiar with our products it might be worth to start checking out the different applications of our solutions rather than studying abstract product names. Below you can find some sample applications where our products were used to give you a better understanding of where we could possibly support you in future projects.

What Applications make use of AV Stumpfl products?

[Translate to 中文:] Live Shows

[Translate to 中文:]

Concerts. Touring. Staging

A live show is an event such as a concert or another staging event which involves sophisticated media technology like Projection & Screens, Signal Management for Live Cameras, Presentations, Light & Sound and Effects.

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[Translate to 中文:] Themed Attractions and Installations

[Translate to 中文:] Themed attractions can be part of larger theme parks but could also be an interactive experience e.g. showcasing a company’s history and current solutions. Our products and solutions can take care of a lot of control and media management tasks. Everything coming from a single source.

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[Translate to 中文:] Theater, Opera and Musicals

[Translate to 中文:] Nowadays Theaters utilize a lot of media technology to support their productions e.g. for scenery projection and mapping but also for displaying advertising information or ticket prices in the reception area.

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Architectural and Façade Projections

3D Mappings onto building facades are popular these days. We do develop and manufacture media processing units which can automatically scan the projection surfaces and calculate softedge blending and the geometry correction.

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[Translate to 中文:] Museums and Science Centers

[Translate to 中文:] Interactive learning and studying is of highest importance these days where everyone is used to a high level of multimedia entertainment.

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[Translate to 中文:] Corporate Events

[Translate to 中文:] Stockholders’ meetings, product launches or dealer trainings are just a few examples of corporate events. These events usually utilize sophisticated media and presentation technology to support the speakers.

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Corporate Installations & Hotels

Corporate installations are ranging from meeting and conference rooms, cinemas to digital signage displays to welcome customers, visitors and partners.

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Exhibitions and Trade Shows

A lot of companies prefer to present themselves using media technology on their trade show booths. These presentations can include projection on screens or mapping on booth structures as well as interactive experience stations or smart systems for the booth structure itself.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a widely used term these days were virtually every display showing an image video or advertisement is called a Digital Signage system. In fact a clever Digital Signage solution can be aesthetic and spectacular. Check out our ideas.

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Simulation systems become more and more popular: Nowadays it is possible to simulate a lot of different things such as vehicles, planes, ships, control rooms, games and many other real life scenarios. We have supplied numerous projection screens and visual systems into the simulation industry.

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