Team AV Stumpfl

Austria, Headquarter


Christine Doppelmair
Head of Sales - Screens

Elisabeth Finzinger
Sales Manager Screens

Sandra Lindinger
Sales Manager Screens

Sigrun Rudelstorfer
Sales Manager Screens


Horst Damoser
Global Business Development Manager

Helmut Protte
Global Business Development Manager

Oliver Kilian
Sales Manager

Oliver Hauser
Technical Solution Manager

Florian Eder
Project Manager & Trainer

Lukas Weixelbaumer
Product Manager

Andreas Riegler
Head of Production, Service & Support

Michael Eckschlager
Technical Support

Wings X

Christoph Hilger
Software Development

Christoph Koch
Sales & Technical Support

Logistics and Order Processing

Sabine Haas
Specialist Customs & Tax


Simone Lang
Order Processing


Hans Christian Stucken
Global Marketing Manager


Stefanie Holzinger
Graphic Design

Sarah Kaisermayr
Event- & Messemanagement


Tobias Stumpfl
Managing Director

Fabian Stumpfl
Managing Director

Stefanie Niederwimmer
Executive Director - Screens

Harry Gladow
Executive Director - PIXERA

Fred Neulinger
Strategy & Innovation

Ulrike Wagner
Accounting & HR

Company Founder

Reinhold Stumpfl

Ulrike Stumpfl

The company AV Stumpfl was founded in the mid-1970s by Reinhold and Ulrike Stumpfl out of a hobby. For over 40 years, they have revolutionized the international AV market with innovations such as the Monoblox system. If you want to know more about the history of the company, please click here.