KNX control using smartphones and tablets

Simple, reliable and without using a PC

Have you ever thought of a simple but reliable control system for your KNX installation which does not require a server/PC to run all time? This control system should also be able to control media devices? We have already engineered this sleek solid state solution - read more below:


The system's core

Unlike other systems our solution is not using any central server PC but a tiny solid state piece of hardware. These devices are available with different interfaces and a built in webserver which is used to store the control systems web interface. All data and configuration is stored on a SD card which can be transfered easily to another device in case the hardware fails some day.

Web access via smartphone and tablet

All control functions such as lights, shades, climate and security control can be visualized on the web interface which can be access within the building and also remotely via the internet.

User interface design

The graphical design and the layout of the control functions is conducted using our free software Wings Touch. This way all buttons, switches, faders, indicators and other control elements are arranged in whatever layout you or your customer wants it.

Modification of the configuration

All virtual connections between the user interface controls and the actual building functions are loaded directly from the KNX configuration software ETS and can be modified and graphically wired using our free software Avio Manager 2D.

Pre-configuration of the system components

Per customer request we can already pre load the system components with the customer's configuration during the production process. The customer receives the components with the network configuration including the KNX data points and a sample user interface pre loaded.

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Registration Training


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