légers et robustes.

 Différents types de pieds et fixations sont disponibles avec nos écrans de projection mobiles, pour satisfaire tous les besoins. Les pieds proposés disposent de la même précision de fabrication et de la même durabilité que les cadres. C'est normal, ils sont fabriqués à partir des mêmes composants et assemblés avec le même soin.

Standard Legs

Height adjustment in steps of 6“ (152,4mm)

compatible with all mobile AV Stumpfl screen systems

When a high degree of stability is needed, especially with large screens or a high set-up height, we recommend using following legs: AT32 for MONOBLOX 32 and AT48 or AT64 for MONOBLOX 64. AT-Legs have a telescopic support that is tightened with two wing screws.


SHIFT Technology


The truly revolutionary SHIFT screen system legs make it possible to easily adjust a mobile projection screen‘s height, without having to disassemble it first. No extra measuring is needed to ensure the frame is level, due to a clearly marked height scale.
The SHIFT screen system legs can be combined with all existing AV Stumpfl mobile screen systems. To adjust the screen height, one can start at the bottom of the scale and simply move the screen up to one‘s preferred position.
The SHIFT leg will lock automatically. To move the frame further down, one can just use the locking mechanism for releasing the frame. It is now possible to assemble a complete mobile projection screen system and then to adjust its‘ height in a matter of minutes.
Save time AND save money with premium quality components made in Austria.

reasons why Shift TECHNOLOGY is truly revolutionary:

1.    Assembly and height adjustment of a complete screen system in a matter of minutes
2.    No additional measuring needed
3.    Can be combined with all existing AV Stumpfl mobile screen systems    
4.     One-inch increment fine adjustment possible
5.    Clearly marked height scale
6.    Ultra robust components for rental & staging environments
7.    Height adjustment possible in upright position
8.    Legs do not protrude beyond the screen frame borders
9.    Just ONE person needed for adjusting the screen height (T32-SHIFT)


Height adjustment in steps of 1“ (25,4mm)

According to the screen frame height and the desired set-up height
the legs can be put together in different lengths.


hauteur hors tout : 415 cm
hauteur min. du cadre : 9 cm
hauteur max. du cadre : 161cm


hauteur hors tout : 550 cm
hauteur min. du cadre : 9 cm
hauteur max. du cadre : 176 cm


pied standard du Monoblox®64 et Vario®64

hauteur hors tout : 430 cm,
hauteur min. du cadre : 9 cm
hauteur max. du cadre : 146 cm
livré en standard avec Monoblox64® et Vario64®