Roll Up Projection Screens

High precision. Noiseless. Quick and safe Installation. Long Lifetime. Ultra flat case dimension.

All AV Stumpfl Roll Up Projection Screens feature an unequaled life time, highest precision components with certified materials. 5 Year Warranty included. Projection installation perfected.

What is a Roll Up Projection Screen?

The display solution that shows when needed and hides when not.

Most people nowadays are familiar with roll up projection screens since these display solutions are installed in quite a few places: What we call a roll up screen is a projection screen which is permanently installed but the projection surface can automatically hide in a casing when it is not needed. Roll up projection screens are usually mounted on or within the ceiling construction or on the wall and there are three main drives available: Electric motors, crank drives or spring roller drive. Roll up projection screens are used in a variety of applications such as:



Where Roll Up projection screens go.





Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. Lowest total cost of ownership. Best service and support.

 Since AV Stumpfl is a family owned and operated business we act with a long term strategy. AV Stumpfl mobile projection screens have to meet strict requirements which we defined based on our 40 years of field experience. Beyond our technical expertise and our special source materials we have also developed our own machinery for metal component and vinyl processing since no machine available on the market met our operating requirements.

We have two primary systems in our roll up projection screen line up. Please see the products below to determine which system suits your requirements or check the possible applications to get inspired. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects to discuss!






One Screen. Many Options. European Design.

Inline® is the roll up projection screen choice of Europe’s audio visual system integration companies. Lowest installation cost, Austrian manufacturing precision, ecoTex and flame resistance certification, best picture quality and long lifetime are the key features of this innovative product.

Inline® can be made to measure up to 240x240 cm in any aspect ratio. As an option Inline can be shipped with a mat black masking and different lengths of black drop

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Large Screen. Seamless. Without Compromises. European Design.

Magnum® is the projection screen solution for large scale applications. High precision carbon fiber tubes ensure perfectly flat projection surfaces without bulky structural aids. Flat large scale but seamless surfaces, Austrian manufacturing precision, flame resistance certification, best picture quality and long lifetime are the key features of this innovative product.

Magnum® can be made to measure up to 900x675 cm in any aspect ratio.

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INLINE tensioned

Premium quality for perfect flatness.

Whether you are looking to create the perfect corporate installation or to upgrade your state of the art home cinema setup, AV Stumpfl‘s INLINE tensioned screens combine a truly flat projection surface with ultra-durable components made in Austria.

INLINE tensioned screens are short throw compatible and are available with a great number of different screen surface materials.

Easy to install and built to last.

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