Renowned European Rental & Staging house AED counts on quality by AV Stumpfl

In AED, AV Stumpfl has found another competent partner for selling their products in Europe. AED started in 1977 (on a small scale at that time) under the name “Eglantier” as a Pro Audio and HiFi business.

Following a number of expansions AED has now become one of the leading European rental businesses for AV equipment with offices in Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Germany.

Thierry Heldenbergh (managing director of AED) and Joeri Declerck visited the AV Stumpfl Headquarters and had the opportunity to convince themselves of the quality of the products and the unique working atmosphere. For Joeri Declerck, project manager at AED, humane interaction is an essential component of the close cooperation between these two companies. Feeling entirely convinced, AED has now invested in a quality improvement of its rental park which, in terms of projection screens, consists exclusively of AV Stumpfl Monoblox screens.

Reinhold Stumpfl, the founder of AV Stumpfl, started his company largely without any explicit planning and contracts. On the contrary - the growing success of his company was based on partners with handshake qualty. He is particularly pleased that AV Stumpfl will be able to along this road in their cooperation with AED.