Media & Control systems innovations

Wings AV Suite Update 1.10

You can download the next version of our Wings AV suite now. Learn more about our visual control programming, interactive projection mappings, automated softedge-stacking, seamless resume after a background animation loop and the automatic calibration of projectors which can not be captured by a single camera.

Avio Manager 2(D)

With the new Avio Manager 2D we are presenting an entirely new workflow for the „programming“ of control solutions for museums, themed attractions and other AV installations. Everything can be connected by simple Drag&Drop operations: Sensors with videos, lights with audio peak levels or weather data with multidisplay projections. Easy monitoring and troubleshooting comes of its own volition.

FHD Player

Have you ever dreamed of a tiny solid box which can seamlessly loop media contents stored on a SD card or USB storage? We have already developed this cost effective solution for digital signage projects, museums and other themed attractions.

Learn more about our new FHD Player

Social media integration

Contents of social media platforms can now be fed into the Avio network and used (filtered and sorted) there by all system components. For example this way it is possible to realize welcome screens in corporate buildings or interaction walls in museums or themed attractions.

KNX integration

In a lot of AV installation projects building functions such as lights, shades or climate are controlled via the KNX bus. From now on KNX projects can be easily imported into Avio and the data points can be linked with all other components within the Avio network. Whatever they are: Control, visualisation or information.

Web based solid state media control solution without PC

You would like to realize a sleek media/room control solution which can be controlled via a web enabled device such as smartphones or tablets? This control solution should not require any PC or server? We have already developed this solution for you. Get to know Avio and realize your media control solutions starting at EUR 600,00.

Seamless playback after background loop

If it is required to seamlessly resume out of a background loop this is now possible with a new Trigger in Wings Vioso.

Status pool

Create custom countdowns and show them in a dedicated countdown window frame e.g. on a separate screen on your control desk.

Parallel use of multiple calibration data files

If a multi display projection can not be calibrated using a single camera it is now possible to calibrate the set up in multiple steps and then load all single calibration data files together. 

Variables in text objects

Now it is possible to include variable values for example with values from the Avio network in generated text titles. This way contents form social media platforms, weather data, visitor names and many more can be displayed in (multidisplay) setups.


Interaction and gesture control becomes more and more popular. The difference between a “nice effect” and a properly functioning solution is in the details. Depending on the application it is neccessary to select the right interfaces and sensors and sensor data has to be filtered and smoothed. Myo armbands are measuring muscle impulses and features gyros and earth field sensors and is natively interfaced in our control network Avio.

Stacking with softedge

With the new software update to Wings AV 1.10 it is not possible to automatically calibrate stacked projectors in softedge.