Skandinavien macht den Praxistest mit AV Stumpfl beim Adapt 4K-Event

Audio-visual services supplier, Adapt AB hosted a technology day held during April 2016.

Representatives from AV Stumpfl and local partner, Preqbi AB were able to help with product demonstrations throughout the event.

“We were looking for an alternative for easy to use, reliable, and future-proof multi-image display and illumination technology and approached AV Stumpfl. Their impressive range of control, multi-display and display technologies as well as their unique and refreshing approach was very popular with our  guests. It was such a successful event and we’re delighted that experts from AV Stumpfl and local partner, Preqbi AB were in attendance,” said Viking Grandin, Senior Project Manager at Adapt.


In the first demo, AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw 4K media server were integrated with Barco HDX-W20 FLEX projectors and Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors and two 9-meter AV Stumpfl Vario screens. It showed the benefits of using uncompressed video images, providing a comparison to standard compressed 1080p video.

“The difference between 4K over Full HD in detail, clarity, visibility and readability was remarkable” added Grandin.

Adapt LIVE!

Aimed at corporate show designers, a second demo area included the AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Stage media server, a 12-meter-wide Vario screen and Wings VIOSO automatic calibration software. The demo included PIP functionality, widescreen display, soft-edge blending and more.

“We prepared different media compositions with animated background graphics, video loops, transparent graphics, text and switching between different scenarios to create and compose an impressive presentation. Each presentation can be easily controlled in real-time,” said Rene Rainer, Sales Manager, Multi Display at AV Stumpfl.

“Overall it was a great event with fantastic partners. We even enjoyed Fika – traditional Swedish coffee and chat!”

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