Vioso RX

Create. Map. Play. Control and interact. The entire show. The entire installation.


Are you doing content production in resolutions of 4K, 8K and beyond? Would you like to automatically calibrate multiple projectors for softedge blending and warp the content onto 3D surfaces? Would you like to create stunning installations in themed attractions involving video, audio, live signals, device and special effects control?


Vioso RX is used for content production,

playback, mapping and show control.


We have designed our software to suit the demands of the rental & staging and AV installation industry and we believe there is a lot what Vioso RX can do for your show or themed attraction. Learn more about our award winning software platform Vioso RX on the following pages.

The Vioso RX Philosophy

All in One. Production. Media Serving. Multidisplay. Warping. 3D Mapping. Automatic Softedge Blending. Interaction. Show Control. Rendering.

Have you ever struggled combining software and hardware tools from different manufacturers? Our one-stop company philosophy also extends into a one-tool-for-all product philosophy: Vioso  RX is the swiss army knife for live shows and themed attractions.


Our Service starts now.

There to assist.

Are you looking to find the best solution for your requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our product specialist team to discuss your projects. Our product line up is wide and our field experience huge. We are ready to help you finding the optimum solution.

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