Flexible. Sûr. Robuste.

Tous les écrans Fullwhite® se montent de la même façon, quelle que soit la taille. Le montage d'un écran Fullwhite® est simple et intuitif.

Frame Mounting

Detailed instruction for SET UP SUPPORT (optional accessory) on page 13
NOTE: SET UP SUPPORTS can remain folded up on the frame after mounting.
All components of the projection screen are labeled. For assembly, start with the basic frame. Place the corner elements 1 to 4 according to drawing above. Afterwards separate the frame components to „horizontal“ and „vertikal“ and halve the number for each frame site. Put together the connected upper and lower horizontal frame elements with corner parts on each end.

Clamp the connection by turning the two clamp screws clockwise and secure the connections with the center safety screw. Next plug in the vertical elements, clamp and secure them in the same way. The vertical connections must always be secured with the center safety screw!

In order to meet international safety requirements during flying applications the clamp connection must be locked with the integrated safety screw.