Media Serving

Live. Realtime. Playback. On any Display.

Setting up scenes for live events has never been easier: Create picture-in-picture layouts and live control media playback using either a live player/layer concept or multiple timelines. Our media servers Wings Engine are the perfect platform for Wings Vioso RXs media serving capabilities such as low delay 3G-SDI/DVI live inputs or uncompressed video playback.

Realtime Rendering

Picture. Video. Text. Audio. Live Video. Show Control.

Play the entire show content in realtime at full quality on any display. The realtime rendering strategy of Wings Vioso RX simplifies last minute changes on your content - for example to change the order of speakers.

Live Player Layers

Media content can be assigned to an infinite number of live player layers. Every layer can have its content organized in a playlist. Each layer can be assigned to a predefined PiP layout or freely positioned on the screen. Typically all controls of the live players such as alpha, position, rotation or zoom are connected to a console via Art-Net, DMX or MIDI, but they can also be controlled from a customized touch interface.

Console interface

Live player layers of Wings Vioso RX have lots of control options: Video content, playlist controls, alpha, position, rotation, zoom,… During a live show typically all live player controls are connected to a console via Art-Net, DMX or MIDI.

No Content Limitations

Did you ever experience how tricky it is to convert high resolution images or videos to use them in your live system? Wings Vioso RX can handle all contents even if they exceed the maximum texture dimensions of the GPU since such images are automatically split into multiple textures in the background without loosing quality. Media with alpha channels can also be used and multi display video content can be automatically converted into Wings Vioso RX’s intermediate video format, which allows decoding and playback of video content beyond 8K resolution using multiple CPU cores. This also applies to all editing and live rendering functions.

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if parts of the agenda during a show could already be prepared before the show starts? Such preprogrammed show elements could be e.g. speaker names and PiP layout, introduction videos or backgrounds. Wings Vioso RX supports virtually any number of timelines.

Title Creator

Create and Edit Titles during Runtime. No Rendering Required.

You quickly need some headlines or change speaker names during the show? You do not want to run your graphics software all the time you need to create text labels? Create texts or text animations in the built-in title creator of Wings Vioso RX in just a few steps.


Wings Vioso RX has a built-in performance monitor which is constantly checking the system’s resource usage. During the preparation stage of the show it is possible to intuitively determine which sections are causing performance issues using a three color code.

Live Effects and Video Masks

Create Cool Backgrounds or Transitions. Simple but Sophisticated.

Wings Vioso RX comes with a lot of built-in shader effects for automatic background generation, media transition or video processing. Of course Wings also supports alpha masking: Not just for still images but also for videos, which can be used to create really remarkable effects.

Low Delay Live Inputs

Wings Vioso RX has the perfect functionality for a smooth combination between live shows and superbly composed presentations. 3G-SDI live video inputs, pace and flow control of the presentation, free running audio and video playback for background music or backdrops ensure impressive live events. Of course all media effects and realtime controls can also be applied to the live signals.

Wings Engine Media Server

Robust. Reliable. Powerful. Live. Installed.

Our award winning Wings Engine media servers are used in numerous different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions. These servers can do more than just playing media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control various devices and systems. Thanks to our unique Wings Vioso RX automatic camera based calibration system setting up multi projector arrangements has never been easier.

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Unlimited PiP Layouts

If our media servers are used in live event environments any number of picture in picture (PiP) areas can be defined and combined e.g. with automatically generated backgrounds or CI designs of the client. Text overlays showing speaker names or agenda notes can also be included.