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Customer and Application Driven Product Design

Like all other AV Stumpfl products Wings Touch is constantly taken to the next level by our experienced development team.

Wings Touch GUIs can be exported into HTML5 based web projects which enable all web capable devices to become powerful touch controls for themed attractions, museums or conference rooms.

IObox Touch Project hosting

Wings Touch HTML exported projects can be hosted on our Wings IObox devices. This means that no PC is needed anymore to realize control projects.

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Touchpads are intuitive X/Y input controls which can be used to control positions, pick colors or for interactive games.


If a device visualization needs more than two states it is easy to visualize multiple states with multi state indicators. The same applies to multi state buttons if one needs more than two input states to control a device or system’s function.


Repeat or HoldDown buttons can repeat the input command as long as the button is kept pressed.