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Like all other AV Stumpfl products Wings Avio is constantly taken to the next level by our experienced development team.

Visual Scheduling for Themed Attractions and Digital Signage

Avio Calendar is part of our Avio Service and a powerful tool for scheduling and managing devices and content in themed attractions and digital signage projects.

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Social Media Integration

Social media content can be integrated into the AVIO network and can be made available to all system components. Using AVIO this way, it is possible to use social media content as part of information displays in corporate environments or for realising interactive displays in museums or theme parks.

You would like to realize a sleek media/room control solution which can be controlled via web enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets? With Avio, your control solution does  not require any PC or server.

KNX integration

In a lot of AV installation projects building functions such as lights, shades or climate are controlled via the KNX bus. KNX projects can be easily imported into Avio and the data points can be linked with all other components within the Avio network. Whatever they are: Control, visualisation or information.


Interaction and gesture control becomes more and more popular. The difference between a “nice effect” and a properly functioning solution is in the details. Depending on the application it is neccessary to select the right interfaces and sensors and sensor data has to be filtered and smoothed. Myo armbands are measuring muscle impulses and features gyros and earth field sensors and is natively interfaced in our control network Avio.

Data Recording

Wings Avio now features a new data recorder which can be used for example to record DMX or Art-Net streams. These streams can be imported in our software to use or modify them.


Avio can parse contents and values from XML files. This can be used for example to retrieve values from a website and reuse it in the show control network.

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