Network components

Control. Interface. Logic. Script. Data. Distribution.

Wings Iobox

Small but smart. Control and interface.

Wings IOBoxes are the core elements of an Avio network: These handy devices are used to connect third party devices to the Avio network, run the scripts, do the communication, host the web pages for the system visualization and more. The modules communicate directly with each other following a decentralized fail passive system design and store their settings on an SD Card.

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Wings Engine Media Servers

Robust. Stable. Powerful. Live. Installed.

Our award winning Wings Engine media servers are used in a number of different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions. These devices can do more than just playing back media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control of a variety of different devices and systems. Thanks to our unique Wings Vioso automatic camera based calibration system setting up multi projector arrangements has never been easier.

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Wings AV Software

Media Production. Media Playback. Touch Control. Digital Signage. 3D Mapping. Show Control.

Our software engineers are working hard in researching, developing and improving our software packages which drive our integrated systems for live shows, themed attractions and museums. The AV Stumpfl software is packed with technology ranging from media server operating systems, media production and presentation software to control logic, touchpanel control software to Digital Signage solutions.

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Avio Service

Control. Management. Visualization.

Would you like to track the status of computer hardware or would you like PC periphery hardware to be part of the show control setup? Avio Service can be installed on computers and interface their controls into the Avio network and make them available for other Avio devices.

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Wings Avio Manager

Show Control. Multi timeline. Multi-channel audio. Control.

Have you ever struggled with the numerous protocol and communication issues of AV devices? We have developed Avio (Audio Visual Input Output) as a dedicated abstraction layer on an AV installation network which brings all devices on the same communication layer and to graphically connect entities of the network. Wings Avio Manager is used to configure the network control connections using a graphical Drag & Drop workflow.

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