Wings Engine Lite

The basic platform for smaller fixed installations.

There is not always a need for a battle of material. Our sleek entry level media server comes with most features of it‘s larger siblings excluding only features for large scale projects.

High resolution video playback in realtime

Using an unlimited number of media layers any kind of media can be arranged in timelines. 2-4 4K-capable DisplayPort 1.2 outputs are used as video outputs and audio can be mixed in a total of 24 audio channels. Even uncompressed picture sequences can be imported and automatically converted into an intermediate video format.

Scalable system…

...for any number of operator desks

Any number of Wings Engine servers can be united in clusters. Since the newest version of our Wings Vioso RX media server software it is possible to control, edit and manage the entire cluster form any number of “master” desks. This allows for an efficient collaborative workflow especially in live shows.

Automatic softedge and warping

Even our entry level media server Wings Engine Lite does support the automatic camera based calibration on flat surfaces. By projecting and analyzing different test pattern the software automatically calculates softedge blending and geometry warping.

Learn more about camera calibration

Operating System

Reliability and usability on top

Our Wings AV OS is based on Windows 7 embedded. We have replaced the standard Windows shell/desktop by our own user interface which allows for a quick access to all our software products, maintenance and system options.

More information about the Wings AV OS

Additional monitor outputs

In addition to the video outputs of the server Wings Engine Lite features dedicated DVI/DisplayPort 1.2 outputs which are used as monitor/GUI outputs.

Media server software

Playback, production, management and show control from a single source.

The core of a Wings Engine media server system is the Wings AV software suite which has been designed for live shows and themed attractions. Learn more about content editing, mapping and presentation in Wings Vioso RX, how customized user interfaces can be created using Wings Touch and how control networks are created using Avio Manager.

Accessories, specifications and options

Learn more about scope of delivery, accessories and options as well as the difference between all our media servers.

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