Wings IObox

Compact but solid network interface modules.

Do you want physical interfaces and devices to be part of an interactive AV installation? Our compact and smart Wings IObox hardware modules interface to switching inputs, outputs, DMX and serial devices and make them accessible from control device or media servers. Made for 24/7 use.


Solid state hardware

The Wings IObox hardware platform is a full solid state design. Small form factor, low power consumption, PoE (Power over Ethernet) and a clever software solution were our primary design goals during the development process.


Available modules


Wings IObox Remote

  • 16 digital inputs

Wings IObox DMX

  • 1 DMX 512 input
  • 1 DMX 512 output
  • 3 pin XLR connectors

Wings IObox Relay

  • 16 relay switching outputs (30VDC, 48VAC, 1,5A)

Wings IObox Serial

  • 4 RS232 connectors


Configuration via web interface

All Wings IObox hardware is equipped with a built in web configuration tool which allows quick and easy access to the device configuration settings. The web interface also provides information about the resource usage and includes the licensing functionality for upgrading to Wings IObox Pro.

Intuitive system integration

Seamless Avio integration

Our Wings IObox modules integrate seamlessly into the Avio network. Using the software Avio Manager 2 the Wings IObox in- and outputs are graphically “wired” to any other device in- and outputs within the Avio network. This unique workflow for creating AV control networks has been awarded with an InAVation award in 2016.

Learn more about Avio

Learn more about Avio Manager 2

SD card data storage

All settings are stored onto a SD card by the Wings IObox which allows them to be transferred directly to another Wings IObox later on or simply for backup reasons. If a device needs to be replaced, thanks to the information on the SD card the Wings IObox can immediately be set up correctly and is ready for further use.

Software simulation

During the preparation and programming phase of complex network structures it is not always possible to connect all the components as they might not be already available. It is therefore possible to software-simulate every module so it only needs to be connected later on.

ASCII interface

Wings IObox also feature an open ASCII control port to allow the interfacing of Wings IObox devices with non-Avio products.

Wings IObox Pro

Since firmware version 2 Wings IObox is also available with upgraded functionality. The so called Wings IObox Pro comes with the following features in addition to the basic Wings IObox features:

• Interface to KNX
• Hosting of Lua scripts
• Hosting of network device drivers
• Hosting of web based touch user interfaces

An upgrade license for existing Wings IObox devices is available.

Please contact our team to guide you through the purchase process and steps for upgrading to Wings IObox Pro.



Wings IObox modules: Serial, Remote, Relay, DMX

Wings IObox Pro modules: Serial, Remote, Relay, DMX


98 x 34 x 137 mm

98 x 34 x 137 mm


0,24 kg

0,24 kg

PoE or 12V PSU






Avio control interface



Lua scripts



KNX interface (via IP/Interface or IP/Router)



Wings Touch project hosting (HTML5 web technology)



Device drivers(IP Netzwerk, UDP or TCP)



Physical ports "Serial" module

4 RS232 connectors including 4 RS232 device drivers

4 RS232 connectors including 4 RS232 device drivers

Physical ports "Remote" module

16 digital inputs (2-24VDC)

16 digital inputs (2-24VDC)

Physical ports "Relay" module

16 relay switching outputs (30VDC, 48VAC, 1,5A)

16 relay switching outputs (30VDC, 48VAC, 1,5A)

Physical ports "DMX" module

1 DMX 512 input, 1 DMX 512 output (3 pin XLR connectors)

1 DMX 512 input, 1 DMX 512 output(3 pin XLR connectors)


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