Let the projection surround you.

Are you looking for something extraordinary? Our award winning mobile projection screens can be curved to virtually any radius. The light weight design derives from our mobile projection screen products which are in use at the world’s leading rental and staging companies. Curve features the same slim design and easy setup with our unequaled quality. Change your way of projecting.

Curve Profile

The projection screen system CURVE consists of 64x32mm plug-in frame elements with pin-connections. Vertical supports are included to eliminate horizontal deflection and to guarantee maximum frame stability. The standardized modular frame design allows for easy “no tool” assembly and comfortable transport.The CURVE is typically set up on legs, but can be optionally equipped with hanging points for “flying“ installations. The projection surface comes with special designed hooks to simplify its mounting and guarantees a tight fitting to the curved frame.

 Simple setup

 Compact packing dimensions

 Made to measure for your application

 Various bending radius and surface materials available

Solid frame construction

The frame of Curve projection screens is made of high precision extruded aluminum, features a modular design and its parts are connected with especially engineered robust connectors.

Installed or mobile applications

Curve projection screens are used in a variety of different applications ranging from museums and simulators to themed attractions. Curve projection screens are however also especially engineered for mobile applications and are easy and quick to set up and dismount. Compact packing dimensions and a lightweight but solid construction are also contributing to make Curve the perfect projection screen for events.

Bending radius and segments

Curve projection screens can be made to measure with a variety of bending radiuses and in any segment of a circle. Please get in touch with our experienced product specialists to get a quotation for your specific project.

AV Stumpfl product specialists

360° projection

Special applications require remarkable solutions: We are manufacturing Curve projection screens also with a continuous construction for the perfect immersive 360° experience. This type of construction is especially popular for simulation applications and themed attractions.

Learn more about simulation

Learn more about themed attractions

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