PIXERA Features 1.0

1. Video and Audio Playback with Industry-Leading Render Engine

1.1. High resolution, high frame rate, high bit depth
1.2. Compressed and uncompressed formats
1.3. Videos from disk, Live Inputs, NDI Streaming
1.4. Multichannel, synchronized audio playback
1.5. Distributed system: synchronized playback over multiple clients, automated media file

2. Compositing

2.1. Multiple timelines with any number of layers
2.2. Clean and simple interface for show basics
2.3. Key frames and curves for detailed editing
2.4. Flexible approach to video transport
2.5. Automatic low-res preview file generation
2.6. Create real time 3D worlds in compositing
2.7. Real time visual effects library
2.8. Easily plan setups where content moves between multiple screens in a group
2.9. Editable relationship between compositing space and output space (e.g. for perspective)

3. Venue Planning

3.1. Screens and other objects can be positioned in 3D workspace
3.2. Import of existing 3D models
3.3. Deform objects with easy to use controls
3.4. Screen database

4. Mapping

4.1. Seamless combination of spatial and warp-oriented projection correction approaches
4.2. Optimized, partially automated workflow for flat and curved screens
4.3. Built-in warping tools for 3D projection mapping
4.4. Automated softedge generation, softedge editor
4.5. Built-in marker calibration
4.6. LED output routing
4.7. Projector and LED databases with data for hundreds of commercially used models

5.    Vioso Calibration
6.    Notch Bundle Hosting
7.    DMX/Art-Net

7.1. Process input from lighting desks
7.2. Output through freely configurable timeline layers

8. Powerful and Flexible API

8.1. Ready for custom extensions
8.2. Integration with AV Stumpfl Avio