Media control and Digital Signage

ISEO is the universal technology in the field of media control and digital signage. The system is based on established standards, such as IP networks, PC-based computer hardware or tried and tested bus systems.


Communication with the user

ISEO creates user interfaces: touch panel media control in conference rooms or info displays in different locations for the public sector. ISEO is an extensive design tool for creation of media control and digital signage projects.

Trend-setting technology

Some years ago media control systems were based on separately developed hardware. Nowadays we focus on long-term availability and reliability of the components used. ISEO uses the most up-to-date technology available, for instance for user interface graphics rendering.

Optimized development

In developing ISEO great emphasis was placed on the easy learnability of the design environment. Both pre-defined design and object templates, as well as a drag & drop concept for operation assist the AV system integrator in creating media control and digital signage projects. All configuration options can be adjusted in clearly structured dialogs. The most important project elements remain visible during the design process and can be accessed directly.


Welcome Screen

Thanks to the direct connection to Microsoft Outlook / Exchange Server® appointment data is published on the ISEO based welcome screen just in time. Beside information and entertainment your guests can retrieve detailed information about your company.

Digital door plate

Meeting and booking information is displayed automatically on the digital door plate next to your conference room. In addition ISEO has a direct link to the building facilities (i.e. KNX building bus system) to control all the building functions (i.e. lights, blinds, air conditioning, weather station…) and media equipment.

Corporate TV

Internal information as well as training content can be published using the corporate TV solution. Like a corporate magazine the system can be used to increase the motivation of employees and their identification with the company. Corporate TV also is a communication channel for quick distribution of updated information which replaces the well known blackboards.

Building guidance systems

Building guidance systems based on ISEO virtually have no conceptual limits. Placing the displays in lobbies, elevators, in hallways or even outdoors are just a few examples. Thanks to the customizable graphical user interface ISEO allows to show all kind of information and advertising next to the navigation elements.


ISEO Designer 2

The free design environment ISEO DESIGNER is the tool for planning and implementing ISEO. It allows graphic editing of object templates and designs and intuitive assignment of functions. 


ISEO software is available in different licenses and is installed on the user terminals, e.g. touch panels or Digital Signage PCs.


Wallmount Touch Panel Serie WMURA-GT

These ultra flat 16:10 TFT Touchpanel PC´s are available in sizes 10 and 16 inch with flexible installation options.

Digital Signage Engine

These professionel Signage Engine is the perfect solution for complex and sophisticated Digital Signage applications.

HD Player

Our own family of HD players presents itself as an interesting alternative to PC-based players.

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