Show Control

Themed Attractions. Sophisticated.

Vioso RX comes with sophisticated show control functionality included: Control DMX, RS232, Art-Net, MIDI, Relay, 0-10V, Open Collector, Ethernet, KNX,…and many more devices using timelines, logical functions and combine everything with Vioso RX’s extensive media playback functionality.

The AV Stumpfl Show Control Network

Smart Solid State Control Solutions.

Based on more than 40 years of experience in engineering solutions for themed attractions we have developed Avio (Audio Visual Input Output) as a dedicated abstraction layer of an AV installation network. Avio unites all devices on the same communication layer and enables the user to graphically connect entities of the network. Tiny but smart hardware modules communicate directly with each other and a computer is only necessary for initial configuration.

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Intuitive Show Programming

Unlimited Timelines and Tracks

Programming of the various channels of a show is done using the same timeline interface of Vioso RX which is used for editing media content. This editing method features absolute control at any time.

Triggers and Trigger Lists

Trigger Based Command Execution and Show Control.

Triggers can be used for changing show states, sending device commands, accessing the internet, changing variable values and parameters in Vioso RX or within the Avio network and more. Multiple triggers can be combined into trigger lists and automatically batch executed. Triggers can be executed either from timelines or by any internal or external events.


Conditional Jumps and User Interaction.

Markers can be used for jumps within timelines or for switching timelines, pausing the show and waiting for visitor interaction or reacting on logical expressions.

Realtime Override

In addition to preprogrammed or recorded show data every channel can be overridden in realtime either using a graphical user interface or by any other device input.

Hardware Solutions

Standalone. Solid State Playback. Interactive Control. Audio. Video.

Whatever your control or presentation requirements are we are eager to work hard developing and manufacturing a perfect solution. We have the tools for your solution ranging from solid state media players, interactive control logic components, interface modules, media servers, show controllers or projectors.

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