Interactive Live Presentation. Simplified.

Have you ever wished to create an interactive social media wall with automatic content updates and messages, which can be moved around by gestures of the visitors? It’s easy and straightforward to do such things with Vioso RX.

Gesture Control

All values and channels of the Vioso RX system are automatically available within the Avio network layer and can be “wired” to other Avio controls such as the Microsoft Kinect, Myo or Radar Touch interface. This allows creating projects such as interactive games on really large surfaces or impressive presentations reacting on user input.

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Touch Control

Vioso RX also natively connects to interactive touch interfaces created by our GUI designer Touch.

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External Control

Would you like to have your system reacting on light barriers, contact closures or any other kind of peripheral input? It is fairly simple to achieve this with Vioso RX in combination with our network control layer Avio which stands for (A)udio (V)isual (I)nput (O)utput.

Learn more about IOBox
Learn more about Avio

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