Automatic Projector Setup

Automatic Camera Based Calibration.

Have you ever aligned multiple projectors with softedge blending and geometry correction? Have you thought about how cool it would be if media servers could automatically warp and blend the projectors using a camera? This has become reality already.

Initial Setup

All projectors are set up and mechanically roughly aligned. Better  mechanical alignment leads to more resolution being available for the final content. The cameras are positioned so that they can “see” the entire projection surface.


Automatic Calibration

Vioso RX will now project different calibration patterns which are analyzed by the system. Based on that information Vioso RX calculates the geometry correction and the softedge blending of the overlapping areas. There are different calibration modes available depending on the intended projection surface: Flat or curved screens, 3D models and irregular surfaces such as building facades or rocks.

Final Result

Once the calibration is finished the resulting total output is mapped onto the projection surface. The calibration is stored and can be recalled anytime.

Automatic Recalibration

Especially fixed installations sometimes require recalibration of the projector setup due to changes in the mechanical structure, projector lamp life etc. This can be an automated process without user interaction.


Vioso RX comes with various different calibration algorithms. This way it is possible to achieve the best results whatever the projection surface is: Curved or flat projection screens, irregular building facades or domes.


When using Vioso RX or AV Stumpfl media servers it is not neccessary to create a 3D model of the setup before. Our calibration algorithms are calculating the best projection mapping automatically based on computer vision.


With our calibration algorithms it is also possible to calibrate display walls. This way the display bezels are automatically excluded from the output signals without the need to enter a lot of numeric values.

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