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Have you ever thought about creating your own custom user interfaces for your customer’s themed attraction, museum, conference room or live show? Touch is a WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor allowing easy creation of user interfaces which can be intuitively connected to all other software and hardware systems from AV Stumpfl and third party manufacturers thanks to our smart Avio Control Network.


Design impressive user interfaces.

Touch enables you to create intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for all kind of today’s touch devices in shorter time. Touch offers the same user friendliness you are used to from current Office applications. By the way – Touch is a free software!


Create your user interface

in four simple steps:

1. Layout & Background

Fast and easy!

Choose static backgrounds with gradients or images or a dynamic one using video or picture transitions. Define menus and control element areas. Use any design, style, color or font for any control element.


2. Design your Controls

Tons of possibilities.

Touch comes with a lot of different controls to choose from: Buttons, faders/sliders, indicators, status bars, clocks, text fields, labels, web browsers, touchpads, calendar elements, switches and media fields. All controls can be graphically customized or selected from templates.


3. Connect your Controls

Simple and straight forward.

All created control elements like buttons, faders, indicators or trackpads are available automatically within Avio and can therefore be connected to all other functions within the Avio network without any programming using our Avio Manager tool.

Learn more about Avio


4. Run on any device

Tablet. Smartphone. Touch Device. Display.

Touch can be either run locally as embedded software or on a webserver thanks to its HTML5 and WPF graphics capabilities. The control device options range from smart phones and tablets to touch devices such as kiosk systems.



Because Touch’s control functions are entirely based on our control network Avio it can be selected if a connection is sending out or retrieving values or combining both.


Using multiple layers when designing GUIs simplifies the creation of hierarchical menu structures or other control or display elements which shall be visible on all pages of the GUI.


To simplify the graphical design of comprehensive user interfaces it is possible to group controls. This way it can also be selected which multi state controls share the same state.

Touchpad Controls

Touchpads are intuitive X/Y input controls which can be used to control positions, pick colors or for interactive games.

Project Webview

Touch GUIs can be exported into HTML5 based web projects which enable all web capable devices to become powerful touch controls for themed attractions, museums or conference rooms.

IObox Touch Project hosting

Touch HTML exported projects can be hosted on our IObox devices. This means that no PC is needed anymore to realize control projects.

Learn more about IObox

Learn more about our Avio control network


Touch GUIs can not only send out control commands but also retrieve and display values. This way it is possible to realize powerful visualizations of the entire system.


If a device visualization needs more than two states it is easy to visualize multiple states with multi state indicators. The same applies to multi state buttons if one needs more than two input states to control a device or system’s function.


Repeat or HoldDown buttons can repeat the input command as long as the button is kept pressed.

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