PIXERA Level 1 (EN) - Wallern, AT

23.-24.06.2020 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm | AV Stumpfl HQ Austria

Language: English| Contact: Verena Gföllner

Address: AV Stumpfl GmbH, Mitterweg 46, 4702 Wallern, Austria

Language: English

Take advantage of the experience of our trainers and let them show you what Pixera has got to offer. Learn the necessary skills for your future projects and ideas. Find out how simple it is to realise your and your clients’ project goals in the field of professional media integration.

Technical Information: 
•    Supported File Formats 
•    Performance list 
•    Media Server Basics

•    Explanation of Licensing model 

Pixera Overview 
•    Differences Pixera Wings 
•    Pixera Philosophy and Concept 

Explanation Screens Tab 
•    Library 
•    Workspace 
•    Inspector 

Explanation Mapping Tab 
•    Library 
•    Workspace 
•    Inspector 

Explanation Compositing Tab 
•    Ressources Subtab 
•    Inspector/Assets 
•    Timeline & Layer 



•    Multitimeline usage and possibilities  
•    Explanation of Renderlayer 
•    Pro 
•    Stage V2 
•    RAW 
•    Pixera One 
•    Pixera Two 
•    Pixera Mini 

******** DAY 2  ********* 

Multiclient Workflow 

•   General Information 
•   Network setup 
•   Presence and Discovery  
•   Output assignement of Client Engine 

Multi Projectorsetup with flat Screen 

•   Projector database, projector settings, projector alginement.   

Warping of Outputs 

•   Concept of warping 

Softedge Creation 

•   Concept of Softedgeblending 

LED Overview: 

•   Library 
•   LED Inspector/information 
•   LED Handling  
•   Output assignment 

Vioso Cameracalibration 

•   Concept of camerabased calibration 

Multiscreen Setup: 

•   Concept of Multiscreensetup 
•   Concept of Screengroups 
•   Basic Screengroup Settings

FINAL TASK - Combination of all Pixera Basic Knowledge - Showcase Task -

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We have prepared several examples for the seminars and a sufficient number of workplaces will be available.

General Information:

Minimum number of participants 4, maximum number 6. If necessary, we can help you with your room reservation.

* We hope you will understand that we will need to charge EUR 49,-- for seminar preparation expenses in the case of short-term cancellations (up to 7 days before the workshop) or nonattendance.
If the minimum number of participants of 4 persons is not reached two weeks before the seminar, we will inform you in advance about the cancellation.