Avio Master

Advanced solid state show control

Are you looking for a single device which offers sophisticated show and media control functions together with multi channel audio, interactivity, user interface hosting and open source scripting included? Avio Master is our advanced solution for themed attractions, museums and corporate installations where cloud based management, straight forward systems design and 24/7 availability is needed.

Multi Channel Audio

Avio Master features playback and control of multiple synchronized or asynchronous audio tracks coming from the same box. Multiple Avio Master devices can be also synchronized together or for example with Media Servers from AV Stumpfl.

User Interface Hosting

Bring your own device.

Like on our IObox mini control servers Avio Master can host HTML5 based control interfaces created with our user interface designer software Wings Touch. These user interfaces can be accessed from Smartphones, Tablets or any other Touch solution. The primary advantage of the Avio Master is that multiple HTML5 user interfaces with different resolutions and functions can be hosted on the same device.

Building Interface via KNX

Avio Master comes with full bidirectional KNX interfacing. The existing database can be imported and all addresses are ready for connection wihtin the Avio network.

Learn more about KNX

Various interfaces

DMX, MIDI, Art-Net, SMPTE, RS232, IR

Avio Master comes with the full functionality of the Avio control network to interface devices and protocols from “different worlds” using the same abstraction layer. If you haven’t heard about Avio yet please click on the link below to learn more.

Learn more about the features of our Avio system

Open source  scripting

Avio Master features built in hosting for Lua scripting starting from simple logic functions and ranging to advanced artificial intelligence design for your attractions. A variety of ready to use scripts is included with Avio Master’s software suite or is available for download on the internet.

Social Media Integration

Contents from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS or XML contents can be parsed and used in the control projects. For example these contents can be visualized using projection or displays or processed and used within the control network.


Nowadays attraction visitors expect to be part of the show. Avio Master interfaces to a lot of different interactivity tools such as Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion controllers, laser based radar scanners or touch displays.

Visual Scheduling for Themed Attractions and Digital Signage

Scheduling in Avio Calendar is done with the same workflow known from Office software.

Customized Configurations Available

Depending on the application’s requirement Avio Master’s are available with different hardware and software configurations. Depending on the number of control fucntions required the system’s license is structured in a modular way.

Feel free to inquire

Our team of sales and project managers is looking forward to provide more information about our products and discuss potential projects. We are looking forward to speaking to you.

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