Wings Vioso

Create. Map. Play. Control and interact. The entire show. The entire installation.

Are you doing content production in resolutions of 4K, 8K and beyond? Would you like to automatically calibrate multiple projectors for softedge blending and warp the content onto 3D surfaces? Would you like to create stunning installations in themed attractions involving video, audio, live signals, device and special effects control?

Wings Vioso is used for content production, playback, mapping and show control.

We have designed our software to suit the demands of the rental & staging and AV installation industry and we believe there is a lot what Wings Vioso can do for your show or themed attraction. Learn more about our award winning software platform Wings Vioso on the following pages.

The Wings Vioso Philosophy

All in One. Production. Media Serving. Multidisplay. Warping. 3D Mapping. Automatic Softedge Blending. Interaction. Show Control. Rendering.

Have you ever struggled combining software and hardware tools from different manufacturers? Our one-stop company philosophy also extends into a one-tool-for-all product philosophy: Wings Vioso is the swiss army knife for live shows and themed attractions.


What's new?

Recently implemented features.

Like all other AV Stumpfl products Wings Vioso is constantly taken to the next level by our experienced development team. 

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Content editing and production beyond 4K and 8K quality. Fast and easy to use!

You know how challenging it is to create high resolution, high frame rate content which can be played back without compression artifacts? Wings Vioso offers all required tools for arranging media like video, images, text, audio and show control into stunning shows.

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Media serving

Live. Realtime. Playback. On any Display.

Setting up scenes for live events has never been easier: Create picture-in-picture layouts and live control media playback using either a live player/layer concept or multiple timelines. Our media servers Wings Engine are the perfect platform for Wings Viosos media serving capabilities such as low delay 3G-SDI/DVI live inputs or uncompressed video playback.

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Multi display

Combine any number of projectors and/or displays.

If larger display dimensions or higher resolutions are necessary Wings Vioso allows combining as many projectors and/or displays as required. Multiple outputs of the server hardware can be used and multiple servers can be connected to create powerful media clusters.

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Warp and Map

Warp on any projection surface.
Map on any object.

Wings Vioso comes with sophisticated mapping and warping functionality which allows fitting the show onto the projection surface easily. Such projection surfaces range from flat or curved screens to spheres or 3D models and fully irregular surfaces such as rocks.

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Automatic projector setup

Automatic camera based calibration.

Have you ever aligned multiple projectors with softedge blending and geometry correction? Have you thought about how cool it would be if the media server could automatically warp and blend the projectors using a camera? This has already become reality.

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Interactive Live Presentation. Simplified.

Have you ever wished to create an interactive social media wall with automatic content updates and messages, which can be moved around by gestures of the visitors? It’s easy and straightforward to do such things with Wings Vioso.

Learn more about gesture control and interaction


Show Control

Themed Attractions. Sophisticated.

Wings Vioso comes with sophisticated show control functionality included: Control DMX, RS232, Art-Net, MIDI, Relay, 0-10V, Open Collector, Ethernet, KNX,…and many more devices using timelines, logical functions and combine everything with Wings Vioso’s extensive media playback functionality.

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Uncompressed or Compressed.
Any Resolution. Any Framerate.

Would you like to create a Blu-ray disc or internet stream of your show content? It’s simple to do so with Wings Vioso.

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Multimedia fountain

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