What's new?

Recently implemented features.

Like all other AV Stumpfl products Wings Vioso is constantly taken to the next level by our ambitioned development team.

FHD Player show export

Wings Vioso timelines can now be easily exported for playback on our new FHD Player devices. By the way these completely new devices are now in stock and ready to ship!

Stacking with softedge

With the new software update to Wings AV 1.10 it is now possible to automatically calibrate stacked projectors in softedge.

Status pool

Create custom countdowns and show them in a dedicated countdown window frame e.g. on a separate screen on your control desk.

Variables in text objects

Now it is possible to include variable values for example with values from the Avio network in generated text titles. This way contents form social media platforms, weather data, visitor names and many more can be displayed in (multidisplay) setups.

Seamless playback after background loop

If it is required to seamlessly resume out of a background loop this is now possible with a new Trigger in Wings Vioso.

Console Interface

Professional live control.

Live player layers of Wings Vioso have lots of control options: Video content, playlist controls, alpha, position, rotation, zoom,… During a live show typically all live player controls are connected to a console via Art-Net, DMX or MIDI.


RSS Feed Integration

Internet contents such as news feeds can easily be integrated into Wings Vioso projects, e.g. to show latest news on interactive display walls.

Performance Monitoring

Intuitive Feedback about the Show Content and System Resources.

Wings Vioso has a built-in performance monitor which is constantly checking the system’s resource usage. During the preparation stage of the show it is possible to intuitively determine which sections are causing performance issues using a three color code.


Smart Move

All control commands like internal values or external inputs can be smoothed using our SmartMove algorithm. This way jerky input values turn into smooth gradients.

Barco Virtual World

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Pioneers Festival

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