Uncompressed or Compressed.
Any Resolution. Any Framerate.

Would you like to create a Blu-ray disc or internet stream of your show content? It’s simple to do so with Wings Vioso.

Various Output Formats

Wings Vioso allows to render the entire show or parts thereof into video data. The available output formats range from internet streams for smartphones up to 4K or uncompressed image sequences.

GPU Render Algorithms

Wings Vioso utilizes sophisticated rendering algorithms which are implemented in the hardware of modern GPUs. The same algorithms are used for the real time rendering and show playback which accelerates the video generation.

Partial Rendering

For performance reasons (e.g. if a show has to be adapted for less performant hardware) parts of the show containing multiple layers can be mixed down into a single layer to save resources. For analysis of show complexity and hardware capabilities Wings Vioso comes with a built-in performance monitor. Partial rendering also means other aspects: Time/sequence, clipping and resolution.