AV Stumpfl® to present revolutionary projection screen accessory and uncompressed 8K media servers at ISE 2018

Wallern, Austria, January 2018: The Austrian AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl® will present a revolutionary projection screen accessory, a broad line-up of innovative projection screens and high-performance media server and installation products at this year’s ISE exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The AV Stumpfl® philosophy applied to each and every product is built around enabling faster set up time, lower maintenance requirements and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
These guiding principles led to the development of the groundbreaking T-32 Shift. This projection screen „leg“ accessory makes it possible for just one person to easily adjust a mobile projection screen's height, without having to disassemble it first. 
No extra measuring is needed to ensure that the frame is level, due to a clearly marked height scale. The T-32 Shift is compatible with AV Stumpfl's Monoblox32 and MonoClip32 projection screen frames, which means it can easily be combined with existing AV Stumpfl screen systems. Using the T-32 Shift, it takes less than five minutes to assemble and adjust an AV Stumpfl mobile projection screen system, including height adjustments.

"Small details can make a great difference. When experienced AV professionals suddenly ask you "Why haven’t we been doing it this way all along?", you know you are on to something good. The technological vision that led to the creation of the T-32 Shift has been shaped not only by our own ideas, but also by direct customer feedback. We are looking forward to officially introducing the T-32 Shift at this year's ISE."
-    Tobias Stumpfl, CEO, AV Stumpfl 

In addition to a broad line-up of award winning projection screens, AV Stumpfl® will also present their media server hardware and software products at ISE, including the new Wings Vioso RX 2.2.
Some key developments of this new software release include:
- A Creator License which works without dongle protection and can be used for show production and as a show master
- New Real-time effects
- Preview engine based on the Wings RX Render Engine

With the RX 2.2, users can also specify hot backup clients for multiple playout clients.  The hot backup client gets all the information needed to replace the playout client during playback - all necessary media files are also copied to the hot backup client.  In the highly unlikely event of a playout client failure,  the hot backup client can then take the playout client’s job without the need to edit IP addresses.

Another highlight of the AV Stumpfl product portfolio is the popular UHD Player system. The solid state UHD Player systems were developed for professional 24/7 installation environments. They can play files with a 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160@60fps, using the H.265 codec.  Multiple UHD Player can be frame synchronized via IP networks using a dedicated synchronization protocol. 
Users can switch between different multi-language audio tracks while a video is running, which makes the AV Stumpfl UHD Player systems a perfect choice for international museums and exhibition spaces.

The flagship Wings Engine RAW 8K server will also be shown at ISE. It is the world’s most powerful media server of its kind for uncompressed content playback, delivering up to four simultaneous streams of uncompressed 4K (4:4:4) content at 60fps.
Booth visitors will be able  to see the automatic Wings Vioso camera-calibration feature in action and use interactive Wings Touch controls.

AV Stumpfl® will exhibit at the ISE exhibition between the 6th and 9th of February at booth #1-H10, at the RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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AV Stumpfl is an award-winning Austrian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and multi-display and show control systems for professional and business applications. As a family business, its founders started the company out of a passion for the advancement of presentation and installation technologies. The product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. AV Stumpfl is located in Wallern, Austria, and is supported by a global network of distribution and service partners.

For further information, please contact Hans Christian Stucken: h.stucken(at)avstumpfl.com